XceleranCC-Payment Processing

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Our Payment Processing Program combines our XceleranCC Virtual Terminal with our partners Financial Technologies. Global Payments Integrated, with over 400,000 merchants, is a leader in payment processing providing stability, great programs, and meet or beat pricing.

Likewise, Intuit, the industry-leading provider of bookkeeping software, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Online, provides us with the most reliable and fully featured cloud-based system. Between us, we can provide a fully-featured program that seamlessly connects your Business Software, Payment Processing, Banking, and Bookkeeping.


  • Payment Processor – Global Payments Integrated
  • 4 Payment Methods (Credit/Debit Card; ACH; XPayLink; POS)
  • Card on File & Recurring Payments
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
    • Collect QuickBooks Payments
    • Create Invoices
  • Transaction Management
    • Status Monitoring
    • Voids & Refunds
    • Batch Monitoring
  • Optional Integrations
    • QuickBooks Online
      • Payroll Service
    • Xceleran Business Management Systems
      • myServiceOffice
      • Xceleran Customer Engagement Center
      • Xceleran Charter Business Management System
      • myServicePRO and APPrentice for Trade Services
    • Global Payments Integrated Customer Engagement and Monitoring
      • CallPop Caller Intelligent Phone Answering
      • Reputation Management (Internet Presence Monitoring and Management)
      • Competition Monitoring
      • myServicePRO and APPrentice for Trade Services
    • Global Payments Delay Pay/Split Payments


  • Frictionless Payment Processing
  • Eliminate Errors from Duplicate Entries
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Save Money with meet or Beat Processing Fees
  • Low Risk High Reward business arrangement

XceleranCC-Virtual Terminal is the core component of the payment processing program.

Get your money into your hands as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible by maximizing speed and ease of use via seamless integration with your:

  • Bank
  • Bookkeeping Software
  • Electronic Payment Processor (Virtual Terminal)

As a stand-alone component it features:

Five manual payment options:

  1. Direct input of Credit and Debit Card Information
  2. ACH Bank withdrawal
  3. xPayLink, sending a payment request in SMS (text message) or email with a direct link to GPI to securely input their payment details.
  4. Point of Sale device for office or showroom.
  5. Split/Delay Payments (Consumer Financing Option)

Transaction and Batch Management

  • Voids and Refunds
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Customer Transaction details

Reporting and User Management

In a Business Management System, it Features:

1. Business Management Software

  • Transactions in the field
  • Transactions in the Office

2. QuickBooks Online

  • BMS Customers, Invoices, and Payments
  • XceleranCC Customers, Invoices, and Payments

3. GPI Transaction Status

  • To BMS
  • To QuickBooks Online



  •   Virtual Terminal – $0
  •   QuickBooks Online (Optional) – Based upon the plan.  Click Here for more information.
  •   Payment Processing:  2.9% + $.10/transaction or less.  Request A Quote 

Integration Components:

  Business Management Software, starts at $39.50 per month.  Click Here for more information.  

  Customer Engagement Suite, starts are $40.00 per month with additional discounts based upon configurations. 
  Click Here for more detail.